Conflicts Of The Past

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Conflicts of the Past Conflicts can be a step towards making something better, it also can be towards making something worse, or it can have both a good and bad effect. There were many socioeconomic conflicts during the periods of 1870s thru the 1890s for the better being or worse of the country. There must be a problem for there to be a conflict. A few of the conflicts that were present during that period were the farm problems with which the farmers happened to be bothered by. There was the Pullman Strike which effected anyone who associated with railroads. And another conflict was the miners of the Midwest where many problems existed among that category. These problems all effected the new country in some way and people tried making solutions for them to make things work in most cases.

Farmers quietly formed an organization called the National Farmers Alliance and Industrial Union, which goal was to solve the agricultural problems which the farmers had.

Farmers had many problems such as declining prices for their products were corn sold at 63 cents a bushel declined to 28 cents a bushel. There were also rising railroad rates for shipping products and burdensome mortgages which all had the farmers complaining. That's what the farmers argued about but the fact was that the farmers purchasing power increased due to the fact that farmers for example received less for their crops. And railroad rates actually declined during those years benefiting shippers of all products(APP). Many farmers did go broke and felt like they were going down slowly. Which all angered the farmers and gave rise to the alliances and the populist movement which had major impacts on politics and the whole socioeconomic world. These alliances helped the farmers , they even published newspapers were...