The Conservative Revolution

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Nov 23, 2014

The Conservative Revolution

There are two types of people in this world: those who call themselves conservatives and others who are liberals. During the 1900s, the public began to see the rise of conservatism in the United States. This period was known as the Conservative Revolution. Gorn stated that Conservatives are basically "Republicans who advocate small government; believe that racial gender and gay rights issues mask other agendas; oppose abortion; and argue that wealthy businessmen are agents of economic good, creating wealth, which benefits all Americans" (301). Many conservatives questioned the rights and wrongs of American Society during the time, stating that the main problems of America are human issues and economic dilemmas. Many of these people believed that the only solution to make America a better country is to have the majority of Republican in the Senate.

Conservatives mainly believed that the government's actions couldn't resolve society's problems, such as economic dilemmas and human issues. Many conservatives believed that Federal spending is out of control and the nation is in a big pit of debt because the United States' Congress is controlled by politicians who are not willing to stand up and say no to all of these spending. Robertson was convinced that in ordered for the United States' economy to get out of the big pit of debt, it must have an "efficient government freed from the bloated excesses of the past. Also, to get rid of the wasteful procurement, the unnecessary department and agencies, and the frenzy to spend budget allocations before the next appropriation comes due" (313). In order to achieve these solutions, the Senate needs to consist of a majority of conservatives because they are known for creating wealth.

Another problem the United States was faced with during the 1900s was human moral issues. During the late 1900s schools began to replace the teaching of God with scientific subjects implying that God had nothing to do with human creation and that everything that happened was because of science. It was during this time when the most popular debate started emerging the debate of God vs. Science. Television and radios were filled with messages such as sex, drugs, alcohol, and violence. Conservatives watched as the corruption takes place in the minds of many teenagers and children. Conservatives saw that the solutions to these human moral issues are to enforce a tougher discipline when it comes to drug, sex, alcohol, and violence. Also, they believed that religion should be incorporated back into educational systems because all morality began from religion. To accomplish these goals, the conservatives must have the majority vote in the Senate and take action for the future of the youths in America.

During the 1900s many conservatives questioned the rights and wrongs of American Society, stating that the main problems of America are human issues and economic dilemmas. Conservatives believed that the only way America could solve those problems was to have Republicans replaced the Democrats in the Senate.