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My fellow citizens from the great state of Delaware,

I am Gunning Bedford, Jr. one of your chosen delegates for the Constitutional Convention. During the convention we have all discussed the issues of how voting should be represented in Congress and different situations regarding slaves like: if they should be counted for representation, and if they should be counted for taxation, also the overall just of what should be done about slavery. What led to those problems was that our nation was not respected by other countries like: England, Spain, and France. Also, there were Barbary pirates and we are too weak to fight them and too poor to bribe them. Aside from other countries there was problems between our states, being political or economical like: the fact that some states received more land than others and that there was a currency disorder. One major cause to the convention though was Shay's Rebellion; farmers that were not paid for fighting in the war couldn't pay there taxes and ended up having foreclosures on their homes, so they rebelled against the government.

As a result our nations people split into two groups of either Federalists, those that want a strong central government, and Anti- Federalists, those that want a week central government. My over all views on the matters were that I was quite disappointed. As a delegate of Delaware I didn't really agree with all of the decisions made.

Some of the issues brought up were our views on representation in Congress. Meaning if our voting system should be represented equally throughout the states or by population of each state. Another one was on counting slaves for both representation and taxation. The final one was about what should be done about slavery. The plan created for the voting on...