'Contemplating a Classic a report by Haaya Naushan' David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

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'Contemplating a Classic a report by Haaya Naushan'

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

1. Would you like to have lived in the time period described by the author of your novel? Why or Why not? Give reasons.

I would not have liked to live in the times in David Copperfield as there was a strong distinction between the common people and the noble people in other words the rich and the poor. In this time period England was developing and certain high born wealthy people distinguished themselves as aristocrats. They were proud people and as Uriah Heep's father so wonderfully put it "People like to be above you" and "Be umble, Uriah, and you'll get on" they did not want people of the lower class to rise up to the same level as them as they used to think of them as another lower species.

David Copperfield was different he knew what it was like to be poor and wealthy; he knew what it was like to live in poverty and riches.

He had associated with poor people and wealthy people he knew the differences. The life of the common folk was not as easy as a rich person's life. David was a very loving person and readily gave his heart in earnest to first little Emily who was succeed by Dora Spenlow who David then becomes secretly engaged to. As David works for her father her father finds out that his aunt who took him in and raised him is bankrupt soon after David does so when he finds out that they are secretly engaged he forbids David from seeing Dora. However Mr. Spenlow dies shortly after with out a will leaving Dora in the care of her two spinster aunts. David then had to prove his worth to...