Contraception Essay

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Contraception - Condom

Reproduction is the process by which organisms produce more of their own kind. In terms of biology, we are born to reproduce to be biologically successful, so that we can keep life to be extended. In present days, with 7 billion people living on Earth, we are starting to experience a problem where there are too many people, countries like China and India officials are currently trying to control the birth rate in their countries. In India, the population now is 1.21 billion, the second most populous country in the World, it is expected that by 2025, its population will surpass China, reaching 1.6 billion people, growing around 1% per year. (Wikipedia Inc.,2012c) India officials are eager to slow down the numbers. Besides, people want to prevent unwanted pregnancy. In the United States of America, over 80% of teen pregnancies are unintended, since teenagers are incapable to have children, this leads to high numbers of abortion and other society problems.

(Wikipedia Inc.,201d) With the condom invented, it can effectively solve the two problems listed above. With the mechanical advantages over the last century, latex is the most common material to make condom, where it is stronger and thinner than the old rubber ones. We use latex because it has an outstanding elastic property, its tensile strength is over 30MPa and they may be stretch over 800% before it breaks. (Wikipedia Inc.,2012a) Result shown that the latex condom only have around a 2% chance of breaking. With this strong material, it can effectively trap the semen inside the condom. The condom should be place on a man's erect penis until after his ejaculation. Reproduction occurs only when a male's sperm enters a fertilized egg, only one sperm out of approximately 150 million sperms will succeed...