How to control nuclear weapons from a Reformer (social democrat) view point.

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Reformer (social democrat):

The nature of the problem is that the United States and Russia failed to cooperate on control on nuclear weapons which could be avoided this whole scenario ten years ago. Being a reform internationalist, the control of nuclear weapons is about sharing political power and risks for going into war. As we are the supporters of non force tools of statecraft, the control on nuclear weapons is just our cup of tea and we are strongly in support on that. Cooperation within states could have prevented the incentive for other states or terrorists to produce nuclear weapons and the fear of nukes would be reduced to a minimal level.

What is known is that more moral and global cooperation is needed to solve the problem for nuclear proliferation. What we do not know which is the unknown is that public opinion is essential when coming up with a compromise and time is an issue for a decisive plan.

We presumed that peace and cooperation is not something that every state is in favor of, it takes time to convince each state for give and take before reaching a compromise.

The problem developed since the signing of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty. The United States, as one of the five recognized nuclear weapon states perpetuates the trade of nukes. It suggests that the disparity of power is growing as it is one of the recognized states for owning nuclear weapons. It is presumed that the United States should handle the nukes in unilateral ways, and global governance and cooperation should be needed on this. However, in this case, the root causes is the slower and vertical proliferation by the Unites States. It clearly shows that global governance is a better alternative to control the trade of...