Control of Reality for the Masses (Specific Analysis of altered reality in 1984)

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1. The Party Controls History

2. The Party Controls the Conditions of Human Psychology

3. The Party Controls god.

How The Party Controls Reality:

How does the party controls history?

How does it affect the present?

How does scarcity affect human psychology?

What role does Big Brother play?


Introduction: State Topics: The Party Controls Reality to control the people

It controls History, Psychology and god.

Paragraph 1: History: Explain Revisionism

Its Process

How it affects the present

Paragraph 2: Psychology: Artificial Scarcity: Affects human behavior

Maslow Theory of Human behavior

Paragraph 3: God: Big Brother has taken the place of God: Omnipotent and Omniscient, and under the control of the party

The Control of Reality for Control of the Masses

Among the many themes express in the novel 1984 by George Orwell the most interesting and frightening is the concept of creating an alternative reality to control a mass population.

The Inner Party stays in power by shaping the thoughts and opinions of the masses and it does this by creating a reality where everything suits whatever it is the party needs to be believed. This is accomplished in three ways. The first is revisionism or the act of changing facts such as history so that the Party is always made to look good and mobilize popular opinion against its enemies. The second way the party creates an artificial reality is through artificial scarcity. There is no need for the constant warfare but if the need no longer existed for the construction of the tools of war that productivity would instead be put towards the manufacture of goods which could actually raise the standard of living. Finally the Inner Party controls the masses by creating an all powerful omnipotent being whom they control and can say...