The Controversial Issue of Immigration

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ImmigrantsThe lucky ones in the world are chosen selectively to be an American while the rest are immigrants. An American has never truly been defined. There is no definite meaning to it; however everybody seems to have their own definition for it. Some believe a American is a blue collared, blue eyed, blonde hair, with fair skin. While others believe it's someone who is a hard working individual in America who strives to have the ultimate American dream; which is being married with kids and living in a white house with a picket fence. I personally believe an American is anyone who works hard in Ameirca and takes advantages of all of the facilities they have. However this argument may go on forever but thanks to the embassy they have it all figured out for us. They are the ones who choose who can be an American and be able to live the life as a citizen.

According to Jamie Weinstein a journalist for the Cornell Daily he believes in pro immigration. He wrote an article titled Immigration: Should We Close the U.S.-Mexico Border? Yes; he argues that pro immigration has been positive to America simply because of their intelligence and determination to be a success in the U.S. "Today, there are great doctors, lawyers and professors whose parents or grandparents came here and worked as janitors, manual laborers and taxi cab drivers. They took a risk in order to provide their family a better life here in America. They came in and became American. And their children have grasped the American dream". (Jamie Weinstein, "Immigration Should We Close the U.S.-Mexican Border)I highly agree with Jamie because I know plenty of immigrants who came to America for a better life and have achieved it; not to mention not only...