Controversial Issues in US

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The culture of the American peoples contrasts greatly from that of Europe. Americans tend to fight more over social issues than economic issues. Unlike the majority population of European nations, that generally tends to agree on social issues collectively, the majority population of the United States tends to split into opposing, and at times, extremely opposing views on social issues. The split-resulting groups are referred to as Orthodox and Progressive groups. Some of the many social issues that are fought over include the possession of guns, legalization of certain drugs, and acceptance of stem-cell research.

All are aware that firearms are extremely dangerous. Although thousands of lives are lost every year as a result of gun shootings, America is still the most heavily armed society in the world; nearly 80 million Americans own guns. The staggering figures bring out a major controversial social issue in the US. The orthodox side believes that family values are greatly threatened by firearms and pushes for the complete forbiddance of them.

The Progressive side objects the views of the orthodox group and believes that possession of a weapon is approved by the Second Amendment. Any prohibition of guns, as though by the Progressive group, is a violation of the Second Amendment and thus a violation of freedom.

The same tension is present between the two groups on the issue of legalizing certain drugs. Cannabis sativa (also known as Marijuana) is the drug that most debate is fueled by. Progressives feel that legalizing cannabis sativa, especially at the suffering-economy times, would improve the nations’ economic status due to the colossal amount of money that can be earned as a result of the sale and taxation of the drug. They also argue that the drug is not as dangerous as other drugs. The Orthodox group,