Coping with death

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Death is a concept that people in today's society rather not hear, nor deal with. People get intimidated and scared when they are unexpectedly confronted with death either through friends, loved ones, or themselves personally. Each person is entitled to deal with death or news about a death in any way that makes them feel comfortable, as in Morrie's situation, where he feels the need to communicate with others about his personal experience with dying. Unlike like Ivan's death experience, where he cannot seem to communicate to anyone about anything that troubles his mind, as well as his fears about his disease. The lack of communicational skills leaves Ivan alone to suffer through his dying days alone.

Morrie was a college professor who automatically had the communicational skills. He always enjoyed talking and listening to his students. He always had something positive to say to everyone, and tried being there for them when they needed him.

Morrie tried to pass down his wisdom to others and felt that family and friends were more important than money, they were the true happiness. Ivan on the other hand felt that true happiness is following your dreams. Ivan's dreams composed of having lots of money, being very popular and respected, high status, etc. He thought that money would bring him the world, and it seemed to be working for him up to his dying days.

Morrie's and Ivan's death were both very painful and very dramatic. Both men had to undergo total alterations and had to accept the fact that they were going to die sooner or later. The dramatic differences between both deaths were that during Morrie's last days, he would have hundreds of former students, friends and family members visiting him and smothering him with love and compassion. With Ivan's...