Corn in Ancient and Modern America

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Corn has played a vital role in civilization for centuries. The journey of corn evolving from a grass-like weed plant to a staple of the American dinner table has been a long and extensive one. It is now eaten by millions and is also used for many other end products we use today.

The Native American legend of the three sisters refers to corn. According to the legend, the three sisters are corn, beans, and squash. These three plants are seen as the three sisters because they were grown in the same mound in the garden. The corn provides a ladder for the bean vine. They corn and bean plants together give shade to the squash. According to the legend, a long time ago there were three sisters who lived together in a field. These sisters were quite different from one another in their size and way of dressing. The little sister , the bean plant, was so young that she could only crawl at first, and she was dressed in green.

The second sister, the squash plant, wore a bright yellow dress, and she had a way of running off by herself when the sun shone and the soft wind blew in her face. The third, the corn plant, was the eldest sister, standing always very straight and tall above the other sisters and trying to protect them. She wore a pale green shawl, and she had long, yellow hair that tossed about her head in the breeze. There was one way the sisters were all alike, though. They loved each other dearly, and they always stayed together, representing the planting of the three plants in the same mound. This made them very strong. One day a stranger came to the field of the Three Sisters. He talked to...