Corporate Social Responsibility

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1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is commonly known as responsibilities that are held responsible by the corporate in a social context (Wood et al. 2013, 27). Such examples are charitable events, providing jobs and upgrading of new skills, listening to what the society needs and amendments (mallenbaker 2013). CSR can be classified into 5 different dimensions which are Environmental, Social, Economic, Stakeholder, and voluntariness (A.Dahlsrud 2006). The environmental dimension focus on how corporate takes responsibility on the environment such as preserving natural wild life or pollution caused. The social dimension focus on how corporate link itself to the communities, neighborhood, and society to better understanding and needs. The economic dimension focuses on the consistent profitability or contributing to the economic development for the country. The stakeholder dimension focus on relationship between the corporate and suppliers, consumers, employees, or others that will be affected. The voluntariness dimension focus on the ethical and moral issues (A.Dahlsrud

2006). Though there are 5 dimensions of CSR to look into, different corporate and authors believe differently by accepting some important ones and neglecting the rest. CSR is a concept of belief which is not regulated, but emphasized for better benefits to the organization itself and to the world (mallenbaker 2013). The importance of CSR is heavily applied on "Breadtalk" which leads to continuous success since year 2000. "Breadtalk" has been evolving to meet consumer current and future needs by initially selling bread that are visually creative and fresh to creating new concept and innovative ideas such as bringing new healthier recipes with the combination of European and Asian flavors (breadtalk 2013). "Breadtalk" has branch out to 16 different countries across Asia and Middle East with a total of 395 outlets collecting sales of 150 million in year 2009 (breadtalk 2013). There are 3 main dimensions...