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Jeff Bezos is the founder and CEO of He excelled in school and got a computer science degree from Princeton. He had a few Wall Street jobs where he quickly rose in the ranks, and then he decided to start an internet business. He moved to Seattle and set up in his garage with some Sun SPARKStations connected to the interenet. Ironically, many of the first business deals and meetings for were conducted at the Starbucks inside the neighborhood Barnes & Noble.

His idea was to change the way that people shop. He figured that it was cheaper and easier to run a store that had no physical presence other than warehouses and offices. That way, the store could expand its customer base without having to invest in new stores in new areas; the people were just ?there?. In his vision of the future, the only brick and mortar stores that will survive will be ones that provide entertainment and atmosphere or those that provide convenience, like 7-Eleven or Walgreen?s.

Strip malls and stores like Wal-mart and Target that just exist because there is no easier way to get things will go away. has it?s own warehouses and packing facilities because Bezos thinks it?s important that they maintain quality control over packing and shipping orders. They can check to make sure the merchandise is not damaged, and it allows them to pack different things in one order, such as books, CDs, and Videos. They have set up their warehouses in strategic places around the country so that the majority of customers will get fast service, and will not have to pay sales tax.

Bezos is not extravagant with his new wealth. Until 1999 he lived in the same one bedroom rental that he had been...