Cosmetic Surgery.

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Women are taught from an early age that they have to be a certain way to fit into society from magazines, commercials, and other types of media and press. Women have all this pressure to be the "perfect" woman. Men on the other hand are able to get away with much more. Men can not shave for a week and it can still be sexy. If women were to do that, they would not get as much attention. Another example of how women have pressure of always being pleasing to the opposite sex is sweating. If men sweat, it is acceptable in today's society and might even be considered a turn on to many women. Unfortunately for women, they always have to be clean and smell nice when around men. Lucy Hao is a perfect example of succumbing to the social pressure. It has affected her to a point where she has had surgery and paid a large sum of money in order to get more attention from males.

This makes me realize how superficial most guys are, (I won't lie, including myself) and women should be appreciated for other attributes, like their accomplishments and ideas. After writing on this article, I realize how much pressure women have always had on their appearance and appreciate the little things they do in order to seem like the "perfect" women.