Creating a Plan for Positive Influence (Organizational Leadership)

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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

University of Phoenix

MGT 531: Organizational Leadership

Group: SC09mba08

Instructor: Elisa, Magill

February 08, 2010

Working as a team can be a rewarding but challenging task. In order for teams to work together and accomplish assigned tasks, teams must have effective communication skills and a willingness to work with one another. Our learning team has been assigned an important project that will require maximum effort from all team members. My team members consist of Nichole Hand, Sandi Marquez, and Michael Church. Our team has taken a series of personality tests to determine the types of personalities, attitudes, emotions, and values the team has for collaborating to successfully complete the project.

Looking at our first team member, Michael, the results of his test show his personality to be of a cautious nature. Michael is very analytical and enjoys problem solving.

These qualities in Mike will be an asset to the team when the team is brainstorming to find solutions to issues that may arise. Michael's personality test also reveals that he may become uncomfortable around people who are extremely outgoing. The team as a whole has agreed to sound the alarm if either team member becomes overbearing with assertiveness that may make the other team members become withdrawn.

Our second team member is Sandi Marques. Sandi's test results reveal that she is interactive and very outgoing. Sandi will be instrumental in motivating the team when the team reaches difficult obstacles while working on the project. Sandi will be quick to offer alternative solutions when needed and is not afraid of voicing her opinion when the team is off course and not functioning in a way that promotes progress. Sandi may become irritated and will speak her mind if the...