Creative Autobiography: A First Person Account Of Henry David Thoreau

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May 5th, 1862

My Account Through Better and Worse

I write this memoir to provide a firsthand account on my life, free from the bias views of other authors. This account is to provide a clear insight of my life and to present my thoughts on certain philosophical views that I have helped compile. My dear friendship with the Emersons through my college life at Harvard will be included in this piece. To gloat and take pride is not my purpose for writing this passage, but rather to clarify what my life resembled and to discuss my points of view for a better world free of the painful shackles of government and to embrace nature for what it is.

My life began on July 12th, 1817 to my parents John and Cynthia Thoreau in Concord, Massachusetts (Gradesaver 1). I was of the French-Huguenot and Scottish ancestry along with my older brother John, and my older sister Sophia (Wagenknecht 1).

As a child I was passionate of nature hikes and writing. "The Seasons" was my first honorable piece I wrote at the young age of ten (Lewis 2). This piece of environmental literature is what led me to keeping nature logs and diaries in my latter life.

At the early age of sixteen, I recall, I passed the examination required for admittance to Harvard (Sauder 1). There I could have studied to become a lawyer, a doctor, or a businessman, but I chose my center of attention to be on the subtle art of literature (Gradesaver 1). I often strayed from the normal class, and independently learned from the fully stocked Harvard Library (Sauder 1). My fixations were learning the fields of Latin and Greek grammar, philosophy, and mathematics. It was here where I was provided the adequate base for writing...