The Creative Process of a Genius

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The process of creating is non-specific and varies from person to person. In writing this paper, I will attempt to make a generalized explanation about the creative process. I will also address my creative process along with that of three notable creators.

Leonardo was considered a genius, his creativity was natural and nurtured. His creative ability was driven by his desire to obtain knowledge in his own terms. Leonardo's education was meager and conventional. He was almost illiterate. Leonardo was a person whom may be considered a compulsive drafter (New York Times, 2003) by some. He crammed any portion of paper that he came across with sketches, diagrams and sometimes, completed drawings (4,000 of which exist today). Leonardo's creative process was diffused, he was able to create under diverse circumstances. He experimented with different types of varnishes, paints and canvas. Though many of his drawings exist today very little of his paintings and sculptures do.

This may be linked to his preoccupation about the finished product before he even started. Leonardo's desire to obtain knowledge led him to be a scientist, inventor, writer, painter, mathematician, anatomist, musician, botanist, engineer, architect and sculptor.

Michelangelo's ancestors were not artist or painters they were businessmen. His father wanted him to become a successful businessperson; however, a family of stonecutters raised Michelangelo, which made him interested in art. Michelangelo inscribed in one of his many diaries [I] "sucked in the craft of hammer and chisel with my foster mother's milk." He acquired the drive and passion to further his creative ability from the environment in which he grew up. Michelangelo was obsessed with drawings; his father and brothers thought he was ill wanted to cure him with occasional beatings. (Boorstin, 1993) Michelangelo lived in Italy during the Renaissance; he could not have...