Creative Writing in regards to introducing a chemical element (oxygen) and its discoverer(Joseph Priestly).

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To Mr. Joseph Priestley,

Hello. Recently I have discovered a device that can send materials back and forth in time. My invention has been banned but I felt it necessary that I write you a letter at least once to congratulate on your scientific progresses that you have and will make and to tell you the magnitude of your discoveries. I have studied you my entire life and know of your birth and death and everything in between. You were born on March 3, 1733 and died on February 5, 1804. You attended local schools in language and furthered your education at Daventry Academy. Sorry, if I predestined your life and death but I felt it necessary for you to realize I am not fooling you in anyway. Although it may not seem much to you in your time, your discoveries were monumental in the future, including a little thing we now call soda or "pop".

(which is an interesting fact…)

What you call dephlogisticated air, we now know as oxygen. Your great discoveries of gases are few among all the gases and elements we know now but such things could not have progressed without you. A few years after your discovery, the science world will learn the importance of oxygen. Nearly all living organisms breathe the gas to survive and without it, nearly all would instantly die. You also researched "fixed air" what we now know as Carbon Dioxide. We breathe this out and this gas is all too abundant in our atmosphere which could lead to our future demise. Other important chemicals and gases such as hydrochloric acid and nitrous oxide will be discovered in your lifetime. I would also like to commend you on contributions to the world you will later make. You not only...