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Solutions for serious and popular crimes Almost everyone in American realizes that we have a crime problem. Being a criminal justice major, I will deal with crime my whole career. Cities have the highest crime rate, but small towns shouldn't be overlooked. Crime is like an iceberg, with only the tip of it being what is reported. Some criminals that are reported just serve half of their sentence. Punishment for a serious crime in American needs to be swift and sure, especially for homicides and drug related crimes. Criminals should be presumed guilty instead of innocent till proven guilty. Punishment should be written in stone, and all criminals should know what their punishment will be before they even commit the crime.

In the society we live in, crime will always be committed. The only hope is to bring crime rate down in future years. When a crime is committed, the criminal is presumed innocent in our society.

A murder could be caught on film, and still the criminal is presumed innocent. The Government wants a decrease in crime, but they give the criminals the advantage. This does not make sense to me, or to many fellow Americans.

The solution to all crime is punishment. Half punishment is not the answer to crime in America. Easy punishment is not the answer either. I am saying that criminals need to know their punishment before they commit an act that breaks the law. For instance, if a person takes another persons life with the intent to kill, the criminal should be exterminated within a week's period. Incapacitation for murders is not the solution for our crime problem. Criminals found guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt need to know before taking a person's life that they will no longer be on...