Crisis of culture by John dewey

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Paper#3 John Dewey

The "crisis of culture" is a discussion Dewey rises to combat our institution. Dewey first explains culture with a new definition that I have not thought about. Culture to Dewey "denotes the type of emotion and thought that is characteristic of a people and epoch as a whole, an organic intellectual and moral quality". This is saying that society is based upon emotions and thought that make up characteristics of people during a specific time period. These emotions and thoughts make up "an organic intellectual and moral quality". This is to say that people living in society make up the mores that eventually lead them to live moral lives.

The crisis as I perceive it is a disconnection between people's short lived lives and nature. As of now we are being lulled in an age where material goods make up our person Dewey calls is "high personal cultivation", this almost like saying the person who dies with the most stuff wins.

This disconnect is a dualist approach to our society. On one side we have material goods and services that make people just buy rather than live, and on the other we have spirituality, which could be closely relatable to a persons set of beliefs. They have strict rules about their own beliefs and will usually follow their own instinct which is just life experience mixed with the social norms and belief systems of their own person. This ultimately makes a person who they are. When the material aspect comes back into play, people build on who they are with the material goods that shape their final beings. "Humanism" is a word brought up to explain this separation between nature and materials. When looking at the word Humanism it first looks like human and ism. Is this...