Personal Exploration of Knowledge

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The experience acquired in the pursuit of knowledge management was accepting an invitation to a concert. Knowledge management plays a vital role in many aspect of life including a decision about having fun with a friend in Washington, DC. This paper discusses how invoking explicit and tacit knowledge turns into an enjoyable evening at a concert. Going to a concert is a form of socialization and stimulus, which are ways to acquire knowledge. During this personal exploration of knowledge, different forms of knowledge acquisition will be discussed. The universe is full of different kinds of stimuli and going to a concert is an excellent way to acquire knowledge of the performing arts while enjoying the educational process.

Personal Exploration of Knowledge, to begin this exploration, I will give a scholarly definition of the word personal. According to Neidhardt (2002), the concept is based upon the commitment, defined as the responsible submission of the mind to the requirements of a reality independent of it.

Commitment expresses a belief that makes a person capable to entrust himself to the claims of reality upon him. Commitment always refers to the self away to what is independent of it; therefore, commitment is objectively, not subjectively, oriented (Neidhardt, 2002, p.1).

Invitation to Smithsonian Jazz Café, sends a strong feeling of excitement, thus begins my personal exploration of knowledge, so when Henry invited me to attend the Smithsonian Jazz concert I accepted it. At first, I was hesitant because of assignment pressure. However, after careful consideration that the brain needs extra-curricula activities I consented. The empirical thought process pervaded my mind before I accepted the invitation. Unfamiliar with Jazz music (being a native of Africa), it was difficult to attend. Moser and Vander Nat (2003) defines empiricism as "Emperirical (a posteriori) knowledge which depends on its...