This is a critical analysis of the communist style of government. Is Communism wrong?

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It is crucial for me to purpose the questions that come to mind when we speak of the fall of the USSR. It is said that the United States won the cold war, and, it is said that Russia lost the cold war. I must suggest that the latter is the answer.

I want to pre-empt my discussion with the fact that I am pro-capitalist and pro-democracy, but to fairly consider the problems of the cold war I must step out of my comfort box. A truly communist/socialist government is not bad. We have made the word communist a four-letter word in our language. True communism is a system in which the people work for each other and act as equals; the government is there to ensure regulation. A true communist government would be a utopia, where people did not desire to be richer or more popular than their neighbor.

This sort of government does propose a certain lack of morale and since of competitiveness that has allowed OUR country to thrive, but notice that the democratic government of Russia has not proven successful for them in the last ten years. The people of Russia were used to a system that governed them so strictly. Isolation was another large factor in the downfall of the communist government. Their economic failures prevailed largely because they had no way of gauging their efficiency with counterparts.

A communist America would not work because the people that have enjoyed there absolute freedom for so long would revolt. The people of Russia on the other hand knew nothing better. Because the system wouldn't work for us we shouldn't knock the system of communism so sternly. It is a strong possibility that communism, if run correctly could pose stronger communities and rid streets of homelessness.

The sin of communist Russia rested in the government's desire of expansion. Would a communist government succeed that looked inward rather than beyond? The government spent forty years building a military that could compete with the U.S. If they had spent that money on their own economy would they have the economic failures that were a large cause in their downfall? Yes, I am suggesting that the cold war was begun by the Russians and ended by the Russians. If Josef Stalin would have pulled his resources inward rather than building satellite governments they could have possibly been as successful a government as the U.S. is today.

I believe that Russia wasn't willing to wage a nuclear war forty years ago and although it would have been much tougher a feat then, if President Truman would have taken a stance similar to President Reagan the Cold War wouldn't have taken place.

Today, Russia is right back where they started ten years ago, with a failed economy and looking for reform. They are looking at going back to a communist system. With the correct objectives the system could work, because the people of Russia are still used to that system. America should not be opposed to a communist government that has the people's best interest in mind.