Critical Analysis of The Goblin Market

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Critical analysis of "Goblin Market"

In the "Goblin Market", Goblins are males, who are ruthless to sell their fruits. Lizzie and Laura are sisters, who live in the forest together. Laura, shows her weakness toward the temptation and buys the fruits from the Goblin. Once she becomes addicted on those fruits, the desire for more fruits takes her health down day by day. In order to save her, Lizzie finds the Goblins and asks for more fruits. But the Goblins treat her as an entertainment; they bully her, torture her and force her to eat. So Lizzie runs away with several open wounds. After Laura drinks the fruit juice off Lizzie's body, she surprisingly recovers. I would like to write about the feminist (gender theory) in this poem because it's the theory has tight relation to the poem, and is the most powerful one that can be reflected to reality.

The assumption of "Goblin Market" is feminist. In the feminist theory, males hold absolute power, and female is oppressed and forced to under control of males.

Laura and Lizzie are sisters; Lizzie knows how dangerous it can be to taste the fruits "Who knows upon what soil they fed their hungry thirsty roots". So she warns her sister to stay away from the Goblins. This reflects women are submitted, and they have a clear estimation that they are too powerless to dispose the Goblins from their own land. So they chose to walk away from the Goblins. Lizzie tells Laura "you should not peep at Goblin men", in order to avoids the temptation of delicious fruits. This quotation proves how Lizzie and Laura are living under physical oppression by men and not being able to fight back. Throughout the poem, Laura is the one...