Critical analysis of the movie Miss Ever's Boys.

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First and foremost I think that the government is the people who has influenced this experiment the most. Obviously because the are they ones who funded the project. They are the ones that started the idea that supposedly that syphilis was a black people disease. And that they react with his disease very differently than white people. The misconception that this disease was a "black disease" and how they did give the best treatment to the white people. This top secret experiment was cruel toward the black community. This again showed that racism was still going on. . It started off with the idea to treat black people that have the disease. Yet because later there was less funding, it became an experiment.

The second person I think influenced this experiment was Miss Evers. She is the main character in this story. But other than that she later knew this experiment was going really wrong.

Although she did argue for her beliefs that this experiment was going morally wrong, she kept on going with the corrupt experiment. She also became really attached with the her patients. They were called Miss Ever's Boys. She also found out that this disease could of been cured by a simple shot of penicillin, and it will all be over. Just like one of the Ever's boys did. Caleb rebelled against the experiment and took the shot. Miss Evers, who lover her patients kept on lying continuously and saw them die one by one.


Some feeling that were brought out from me was of anger and desperation. There was also some happiness a joy. Also there was a little confusion. The anger and desperation was with Miss Evers. This woman was a very sweet lady toward these men, yet she was corrupt on...