The Critical Relationship Between Immigration and Education

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The Critical Relationship between Immigration and Education

There are many different reasons why immigration is believed to be bad, but the one heard most often is that immigrants, legal and illegal, hurt the economy and take away jobs. As of 2014, the United States of America is the richest country by gross domestic product (GDP) (Worlds Richest Countries). According to Karl Smith, renowned economist, there are three reasons for this. The first being that the US is a Common Law country. The second being that the US has massive immigration rates and third being the Great Scientific Exodus in World War II (Smith, K). These are major parts of it but another major reason is that the US is so industrious. The United States has major companies such as Goldman Sachs or Nordstrom. The people shop in stores like Radio Shack and Big Lots. Online search engines such as Yahoo and Google are commonly used.

These businesses and companies make over a billion dollars for the US each year (The Huffington Post). The interesting part about this is that all of these companies were founded by immigrants.

To immigrate means to move to a foreign country permanently. Many different types of people immigrate from many different countries to come to America. Three of these countries; Mexico, China, and India, have the highest rates of immigrating to the United States. In ranks, the first is Mexico with 168,000 new immigrants per year, the second is China with 75,000 new immigrants per year, and the third is India with 60,000 new immigrants coming to America every year on average since 2008 (USA Immigration Infographic). Everyone has their own reasons for immigrating to the US but there are three very common reasons why. The first is having...