The Crucible

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José Armando Molina Flores 11°

The Crucible

1. John Proctor was a kind and an honest person, that all what he wanted was live with his wife and with his two sons. The entire town saw him like a helpful person, but one day when Abigail Williams began to tell fake confessions about that the people had pact with the devil, he felt guilty because he knows that it was his fault to not be with her. After all, Elizabeth Proctor the wife of John Proctor was proclaimed witch and Proctor tried to prove all that the girls said was a big fake. Proctor was an honorable person he never gives up but when he knew that anybody trust in his words (except Reverend Hale) he said that God is dead to end that stuffs. He preferred to die with God to live with a lie which every person would think that he had pact with the devil.

2. The movie has many historical events with the events in Salem. In both the play and the actual trials Tituba was the first to be accused and admitted to practicing witchcraft to save her life. In the movie made an exaggeration that John Proctor had had an affair with Abigail Williams. In real life, she was much younger than the movie present to us. Basically similar events occurred in the crucible and in real life. Only that the crucible story is more dramatic. And it consists on personal problems or situations. As the situation continues Abigail and her crew lies to the judge to get protection and power.

3. They were very religious, they believed only in God and that everything that was abnormal for them it was an act of the devil. They played a key role in bringing the...