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The Crucible, Herbert reflects the theme that pressure can force people to do something that they don't like or in order to fit in or to stay out of trouble. The characters in The Crucible have to be accepted into the town and church. It is a struggle to keep these values when there are moral hazards like desires, greed, hate, and obsession.

Mary Warren has many pressures from her peers and her peers are a big influence to her because she is a teenager. Mary Warren wouldn't have been in the trails as a huge problem but she was drag when Abigail framed her with a "voodoo" doll for Elizabeth Proctor. Mary Warren really gets dragged in the controversy, when the girls were in the courtroom and were pretending as if an evil spirit was cast out by Mary warren posed them, by repeating everything she had said.

Through in the play Mary Warren had tried to keep herself in tacked, but when that kind of pressure was put on her she began to sprawl.

John proctor seemed to have the most pressure; he had showed the strongest amount of will power to preserve them. Right from when readers first meet proctor Miller shows him as the troublemaker or rebel of the play. John Proctor in the past has already committed adultery with Abigail, which is not acceptable in the Bible and in the town of Salem. When Proctor and Mrs. Proctor was in at the court, he confessed that he and Abigail had had relations, but this would not stop Proctor because his pride would not let him stop here... John Proctor showed he had the amount of will power when he ripped up his confession paper. When he cried, "Because it is my name! Because I...