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Cultural Event The play I say was called "CATS". I saw it on T.V.. It was about Cats called the "Jellicle Cats". The Jellicle cats were having a Jellicle Ball. They hade a Jellicle Ball once a year. The cats hade three types of names. They were the Jellicle cats, The name they were given because of there personality, and the name there owners gave them. A Gumby cat was the type that laid around all day. The Gumby cat's name is Jennyanydots. The only time she comes out is at night. She comes out and teaches the mice manners. She chases the cockroaches. And made a army out of the beetles. Alonzo is a curious cat. He douse what ever he wants. All the female cats love him. And he is a ally cat. Grizabella Is the outcast cat. She is a old dirty cat that all the other cats avoid.

Mister munkinstrap is a fat cat. He is a rich cat that all the other cats respect. He is a very old cat and is 25 pounds. Jellyorom is a bad act. He is a thief. He causes all sorts of trouble. Old Deuteronomy is the leader of the Jellicle cats. He is a very old cat.

He was the most respected cat and the most wise. They thought he had died but he was alive. So they all rejoiced. At the Jellicle ball they waited for the Jellicle moon. Cassandra came to the ball and all the other cats left. She remembered when she was young and beautiful. She cried and wished she was once again and then she left. After she left all the cats came back. Macavity was the evil cat. He was the villain cat. He kidnapped Old Deuteronomy. And then...