The Time Machine

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By: Coleen Judge The Time Machine By H.G. Wells The Time Traveller had built a time machine that would allow him to journey through time. He traveled into the future to the year 802,700. It is an extremely different world. It seemed almost utopian-like populated by a childish people, the Eloi. He studied and observed these creatures. Then his time machine was stolen. It is then when he discovers the existence of another people, the vicious Morlocks. Unlike, the nonchalant Eloi, the Morlocks live in desperation and must survive by cannibalism. It seems like a Capitalist system gone wrong with the upper class (Eloi) and the lower class (Morlocks). The lazy rich would play and relax all day becoming frail and helpless. Meanwhile, the poor were living underground and began to hunt the Eloi. The theory that a proletariat driven to the depths will devour the upper class is exemplified.

While in search of his time machine, the Time Traveller learned about this future world. He befriends an Eloi, who he named Weena. Then he himself was hunted by the Morlocks. He escaped by scaring them with fire. The Morlocks had hidden his machine. He finally found it and returned back to his own time and home in England. The Time Machine certainly makes you think. We picture the future as very advanced and evolved with much more technology than we have now. But in this novel, the reader can see that the progress of mankind could almost go in a cycle. We start off at a low level and as a species, we grow and evolve becoming more advanced. We can only reach a certain peak before we go back down again, which is what happened to the Eloi and the Morlocks. It is interesting to note that technology...