Cultural remarks on remembering your dreams.

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Anyone can learn how to remember their dreams. One of these ways is to keep a dream journal. First it makes for fascinating reading and secondly it helps in the remembering of reoccurring dreams. A dream diary can be a simple notebook or a fancy journal. Each night before going to bed, a person can simply open the journal or diary and start a new page. This can help to set intent within your mind that you want to record your dreams. Then when you wake, whether in the middle of the night or in the morning, you can simply write down your dream or key words. In doing this you will be able to better remember your dream, as if you go back to sleep the dream might disappear from your memory. Another idea in remembering your dream is that of creating a dream habit. There are many things that you can bring into your dream habit some include a dream catcher and a herbal dream pillow.

The dream catcher is a Native American device that looks much like a spider's web. Native Americans hang them near their beds or in the bedroom window. It is believed to filter unwanted or negative dreams. The center of the catcher is said to entrap good dreams. There are also certain herbs that have a reputation for creating a positive effect on dream clarity and recall. Some of these herbs include rosemary, lavender, sage, rose petals, and other flower scents such as lilac and jasmine.

Anyone can learn to interpret their dreams. It only takes practice and patience. By studying and interpreting dreams, one can gain insightful information that could possibly change a life for the better. You may be able to look at a dream dictionary to help point you in...