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It is one in the afternoon and there are hundreds of people waiting in line in front of a mid-size store for hours in order to purchase a box of overpriced doughnut. This may be a rare scene for any store in any industry, but it is almost a routine at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, through its dramatic production and selling process, has created customers with absolute loyalty and enthusiasms for the Krispy Kreme brand. With its specified strategy and culture design, Krispy Kreme created a unique culture that successfully provides the customers with extraordinary experience and differentiated itself with other competitors. The transparent doughnut production process that offers sensory excitement for the customers to enjoy while waiting in the store and the enthusiastic workforce that provides the magical touch have made the customers emotionally attached with Krispy Kreme. Astonishing customer experiences become stories that are shared among customers.

In order to deliver extraordinary experience to customers continuously, Krispy Kreme provides high quality training and empowers their employees. Workers are given the authority to provide free doughnuts to first visit customers, and are encouraged to interact with customers to present the best experience. On Krispy Kreme's website, people are capable of submitting their experience at Krispy Kreme. Through heavy emphasis on customer experience, the extent of Krispy Kreme's culture is being shared not only among the employees, but also among the customers. Culture will not lighten even when employees quit their jobs because the corporate culture is passed onto the customers as well. In an indirect relationship, customers have become the members of the corporate. The transparent production process gives the customers feelings of involvement in the creation of the doughnuts. Exceptional corporate culture is contagious, and it affects non-members as well as members.

The customer...