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Question #1

At risk students, meaningful classroom experience

aid young minds to develop sound basic education needs for example,

Reading, Math and English by the establishment of an academic support base for

'At Risk' students. to provide social and emotional support by reinforcing the idea of self esteem and positive self imaging We shall also strive to be eclectic in our approach, and believe that a combined effort of family members, administrators, teaching staff culturally aware supporters and others are necessary to meet the needs of our diverse community. Responsible education is defined as a process of training and development of a person's mind, character, skills, and abilities whereby an individual can distinguish

between right and wrong, to think and act rationally and therefore responsible for

his/her individual behavior

targets the student who demonstrates 'at risk

behavior' due to traumatic intrusion in their lives, for example, physical or

emotional abuse, fractured family structure or severe social and economic

hardships, but also desire to develop attitudes and skills necessary to develop their

academic standards.

1.Provide an educational support by reinforcing the concepts of self

2.Provide social and emotional sup esteem and positive self imaging.

3.Provide academia as a way to self improvement, personal growth and

personal social and cultural awareness.

4.Provide student and families with information necessary to enhance student



is an integration of knowledge, skills, understanding and personal

qualities used appropriately and effectively at work and in life


is a broader and richer concept than competencies, being

concerned as much with future potential as with immediate needs;

involves the whole person, including values and emotional


is the capacity for autonomous learning and personal, vocational

and professional development;

is the capacity to manage change.

Capability is enhanced by the way students pursue...