"The Dangers Of Drugs And the Law and Their Importance" this was court ordered so its pollished up for the judge.

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Over the experiences I have gone through, I had come across many new things including the likes of drugs. During the past I was like in a point in my life where I just didn't care and where I hated myself to the point where whatever happened I wouldn't see the consequences, I guess I blocked it all out. A lot of bad things had happened to me because of drugs; they just brought me down so low to the point of nothing. So through it all, a first hand report at the dangers of drugs and their importance concerning the Law.

First off, marijuana is used in one of three ways. The most common method of use is to roll the leaves in paper and smoke it like a cigarette. Marijuana cigarettes are most commonly referred to as "joints". The second most common method of use is to smoke the marijuana through a pipe.

Pipes come in a variety of sizes and styles, but the method of smoking is still generally the same. The third method of use is the least common. Occasionally people will simply ingest the marijuana by combining it with food.

Psychological effects of marijuana are most often seen in altered perceptions of distance and time, impaired memory and physical coordination, and a heightened sensitivity of the visual and auditory senses. The subjective effects refer to those effects that are going to change from person to person. Euphoria, lowered inhibitions, drowsiness, contentment, and relaxation are generally the desired effects. The effects of marijuana can be categorized into three types; the physiological effects, psychological effects, and the subjective effects. Some of the physiological effects are reddened eyes, increased pulse rate, and a dry mouth (cotton-mouth). The THC in marijuana is believed to change a psychoactive compound in...