Data Fabrication And Research Funds

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Data Fabrication and Federal Research Funds Fabricating data can pertain to knowingly omitting certain data, exaggerating data, or inventing results. A majority of people would agree that it is wrong for scientists to fabricate data.

There are many negative aspects created when a scientists fabricates data. When all the ramifications are weighed, scientists who have shown to have published fabricated data should not be allowed to receive federal research funds.

Scientists are held in relatively high regard by the public. Any scientific misconduct, including fabrication of data works to damage the credibility of all scientists. If this credibility were damaged enough, then people including other scientists would be wary of any legitimate new studies or papers. This would in turn slow down the evolution of science and heed in the advancement of science as a whole.

Fabricating research data in order to receive federal funding is an unethical and possibly illegal practice.

(Scientific Misconduct) A professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison was caught falsifying data in order to get a federal grant. He was sentenced to three months in jail and a ten thousand dollar fine. However, after three years he is eligible to receive federal grant money again. The fact that this professor could ever receive federal research funds is hard to comprehend. If this professor goes on to teach and do research, then what does this say to the students at the University? How can a University on one hand demand high standards of ethics in its students, And at the same time endorse a professor who has demonstrated his lack of ethical conscience.

Scientists should be no different than professionals in any other professions. A lawyer who perjures or lies in court is disbarred. This results in the lawyer?s inability to work in...