The David Bain Murders : The biggest New Zealand News story 1994

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The biggest story in new Zealand in 1994 was the Bain family murders this was the murder of Margaret Bain (50), her daughters Arawa (19) and Laniet (18) and her son Stephen (14). Also found dead was the children’s father Robin Bain (58) . The call to 111 was made at 7:09 am by a seemingly very distressed David Bain (then 22) the oldest of the four children and the only survivor after he had returned from his early morning paper round.

Four days after the murders David Bain was unable to attend his families funerals because he was charged with murders of his family. David Bain was charged and later sentenced to life imprisonment but released in 2007 because of a “miscarriage of justice“.

From the outset many thought that Robin had killed his children and Margaret then committed suicide and spared David as Robin was considered to be very disturbed and had reportedly hit one of the students at the school where he was principal and published disturbing stories in the school newsletter one about a person murdering his family also Robin had a motive one friend told investigators that Laniet planned to confront her parents that weekend about an incestuous relationship she was having with her father.

This evidence was dismissed on the grounds that it was considered unreliable .After that other friends of Laniet came forward with evidence of a relationship.

There was some evidence to suggest that David was the killer although it is now regarded as shaky it was used to convict him. The most significant piece of evidence was his bloodstained white opera gloves found in Stephens room, there was also a bruise on David’s head that could have been caused in the struggle between Stephen and the killer. The gun used for the killings also belonged to David for when he went hunting rabbits.

Also David’s clothes were found to have blood on them ,Prints from a right sock stained with blood were also found outside Margaret’s room measuring 280 mm in length.

There are now two stories for what happened on June 20 1994 the first being that David got up at 5am in the morning got out his rifle unlocked the trigger lock with the spare key because his usual key was in his raincoat which was in his fathers caravan. He then shot all his family except his father who was in his caravan. He fought violently with his brother and lost a lens from his glasses in the struggle ,there was a lot of blood. He put his clothe in the washing machine started it , had a shower got changed and went on his usual paper run. In cleaning himself up he left marks in the laundry/bathroom. He arrived home earlier than usual at about 6:42 went upstairs and turned on the computer at 6:44 and typed the message “SORRY YOU ARE ONLY ONE WHO DESERVED TO STAY”After that he waited for his father to come and pray at 7am and then shot him from close range. He then rearranged the scene to seem like suicide then called 111.

The other story is that robin got up went into David’s room after he left for his paper run and took out the rifle unlocked it using the spare key shot his family but not without fighting Stephen then going to the living room and holding the rifle to the side of his head like you would a pistol and shooting himself.

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