A Day In The Wilderness

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On this cold and unusually brisk afternoon the wilderness calls as our hike progresses further into nature. At first it seems like I am in a sensory deprivation tank, no television, music, food or aromas, but that first impression gradually changes as I wander farther. My senses become liberated as I begin to step out of that tank. I begin to notice the simple beauty by which I am surrounded. The trees hold out their branches like arms, waiting to embrace me as I begin my journey. I notice even the smallest details that I had often overlooked before. The thunderous crashing of the tree tops in the wind. The very pungent scent of both the living and non-living organisms surround me. With every deep breath a new flavor of the wild touches my tongue. The feel of the wilderness is like a soft and plush carpet. This journey through the wilderness is to experience nature first hand with no limits.

Upon the first steps into the woods, a number of feelings rush about the area making it seem as if it were alive. Despite the biting cold, it seems so welcoming to others who wish to venture into it. Next, I am greatly struck by nature?s apathy about all matters. It does not care who won what election, or about Tom Cruise?s divorce or matters of anything else except for time. Upon that realization, I take note of its overpowering serenity. The feeling of peace flows over me when such wondrous, yet peaceful site as been found. Then, all of my senses are triggered almost simultaneously as to continue my simple walk.

My wandering early in the day leads me to clearly recall the first thing that impressed me the most, the symphony of nature caressing my ears. The...