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In the 16th century the Europeans were colonizing what we know today as America. England was participating in this by sending out large groups of men and women to two different regions known as the Chesapeake and the New England colonies. These groups would later unite to form a great nation. Yet before the 1700 the two regions had many different beliefs/interests in almost every area, such as geographical, social and political, and the very reason why the two groups came to America in the first place.

The Chesapeake region, which included the New Jersey's, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The first successful colony was James Town, which was founded in 1606. James Town was founded by a group of 104 men; the leader was a man by the name of John Smith. The group of men that came to this region did so because they were searching for a way to find wealth.

These men were searching for gold and anything else that may be of value to them. These men were not looking for a place to settle down, and raise a family, they just wanted to get what they needed or what may have been of value to them, and go back to England. This is shown in Document B, which is a list of the passengers that came to the "New World". This list consists of mainly, young men and workers, there wasn't many women. The people on the ship that came to the Chesapeake region could not have planned on staying and raising a family if there wasn't any families or women on the ship. Another reason why the Chesapeake region didn't seem like a very good place to raise a family was because of its claimant. The claimant of the Chesapeake region mainly consisted...