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US History Colonial Wethersfield, Connecticut Throughout the history of the American colonies, there have been signs of the beginnings of democracy. Many towns adopted policies that were different from others, and so some towns became more democratic than others. When looking at colonial Wethersfield, Connecticut, the colony made changes between the 1750's and the 1780's in reference to property distribution, social structure, politics, and religion. Starting with the Fundamental Elements of Connecticut, the town made several changes that ultimately led down the road to democracy.

One of the areas in which the town made changes was in their politics. Rules began to be set that determined how to settle and govern a town. According to Document F, a town had to have 70 families living there with a minister, and school teacher, and then they would be able to send deputies to the General Assembly. The town would then have the power to pass their owns laws, as long as they didn't go against rulings of the assembly.

This allowed them some freedom to govern themselves after they had met the criteria. Another major change that caused an increase in democracy was the number of men who could vote. As seen in Document G, the number of men voting and being elected to town offices went up. More people were having a say in the town affairs through voting. If more people are being elected and more people are being able to vote, then the town is taking a large step towards democracy. Another part of life in Colonial Wethersfield moved toward democracy dealt with the people being elected to major town offices. In the 1750's, most of the people that were elected were the men that held the most land in the town. This meant that most of...