Dead poets society.

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Character Profiles

Professor John Keating:

Professor John Keating is a thoughtful, kind, humorous teacher and dreamer. He is an inspiring man who has many unorthodox teaching methods. Keating inspires his students to "suck the marrow out of life" and "seize the day". his students admire his different way of teaching and the way he made them think for themselves. As a former student Mr. Keating didn't like the way the school was so conservative and in the past he could not change that but now he was a professor and could change the lives of some of the students from dull and boring to interesting and extraordinary. Mr Keating wanted his students to live life to the full and enjoy themselves while they were young. Keating's plan wasn't to get the students to rebel against the school in fact he wanted them to feel free and follow their hearts and minds.

As a teacher Keating never put a students confidence down he always had a positive comment or piece of advice to give to his students. Keating used reverse phycology to attract his students to poetry. Keating tells his students not to form a Dead Poets Society meeting but knows they will form it. Keating encourages the students to live their poetry instead of just learn it. With his wit and wisdom, Keating inspires his students to become individuals and not conform. He teaches his students the power of words and ideas and teaches them that everything they do or say is important in one way or another.

The things mentioned above shows how easily children can be conformed into the world of an adult. By the end of the semester the student's ideas were turning into them of Mr. Keating's. Mr Keating teachings were indirect and unintential. He wanted...