Deadly sins

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Temptations are both good and bad for humans. For example, wrath gives people energy and reasons that are needed to fight against what they believe unjust. When someone whom you closely know dies from unreasonable reason, it is only natural to become angry, moreover if you suppress your feelings, you may kill your mind yourself. In this case wrath gives you a reason to live and protect you from crushing. However too much anger or wrong wrath can lead to a disaster of themselves. In Saturno devorando a su hijo, Goya depicted a man who messed up his life with too much anger when he heard the prediction that his child would kill him. When you hold too much wrath within you, you may do things that you normally don't do that can lead you a collapse of yourself. It is not easy to declare if a temptation is good or bad since it can become both depending on how you use it.

In art, temptations are often the main themes of many of the paintings. To depict wrath, artists often use red and people whose faces, hands, and postures are very tense. In War by Richard Klingbeil, there is a father who holds his injured or dead child and stares somewhere angrily. Also there is a town on the back that is in a red, intense fire. Here, wrath is depicted as a good thing because without being wrathful, the father may be very depressed and live in a gloomy life. He would live his life based on the energy he got from the anger. Although it may also be a terrible life to keep living with anger, I think it is still better than to live with too much sadness and depression. Other than wrath, there are symbol...