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Jonathan Joseph

English 1102

March, 2014

The thought of death is more intriguing than the thought of life. Even if we do know what happens in life, we don't seem to have any scientific proof of what death consists of. In the circle of life, death is always the end result. Vivian struggles with the idea of death, and how it slowly comes to take her life away. The topic of death can be seen as a freighting subject, because no one really knows for sure what happens after death. Life is the only thing we have and other says that after death we still have life. Death can be perceived as a gloomy path to travel, death has no patience, time and no compassion, but it's a transition to our next journey.

After long and painful chemo therapy, all Vivian longed for was compassion. She needed a person to hold her hand, and tell her that her next journey was going to be okay.

It seemed like death didn't have compassion for her pain and just robbed her of her life. Susie was the only person in the play who showed human compassion. In a fearful event like death, compassion and love would be something I would hang on to because it offers a sense of security. We need to feel secure sometimes especially when we are afraid.

We don't know our exact time on earth, so that why we should cherish every moment. A person life varies; some can be on this earth for a hundred years and others ten. Death doesn't come to warn us of its coming. During the time Vivian was bedridden, she had a lot of time to reflect on her life and how she affected others around her. In wit time slowly...