Death Penalty

Essay by spoonful October 2004

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The "death penalty" is when the prisoner who commits a deadly crime or other

injustices are legally sentenced to death. I feel capital punishment for these crimes is an injustice, because the so-called capital punishment is also involved with killing retarded patients and other innocent people. A long time ago, people who are poor, persons discriminated by color and, the mentally disabled were all represented in the execution chambers. If the death penalty goes for only those who commit serious felonies, such as someone kills, they too deserve to die, this is viewed as fair. However, no crime is ever perfect enough to identify the evidence that the person actually killed someone, so I think it is bad to execute someone. Whether people have committed murder or illegal crimes, the law has no authority to sentence someone to death. In a long history, people had more unthinkable law that was introduced to the world.

Centuries ago in Rome, females who could not have babies were sentenced to death. People buried the female's whole body except the head and threw stones at their heads until they were dead. This kind of misdeed made me think people who made those laws were immoral and cruel. Of course, this kind of law was abolished a long time ago.

A lot of countries are starting to be less aggressive about the death penalty and try to deal with it rather than simply just kill the guilty people. Nowadays, people declare to end the death penalty towards the retarded patients. I think it is reasonable debate because the retarded patients are simply just sick. They are innocent people therefore the law should be abolished.

Some people will argue that the criminal who commits murder needs to die also. But who is really responsible for...