Debate - Condoms in High School

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"Making condoms available in high schools doesn't spur teens to become sexually active, new research shows."

"There are never any increases in sexual behavior" [in the event of condom distribution in high schools.]

"Students in schools with condoms were a little less likely to report ever having had sex, or having had sex in the past three months, than those on campuses where the prophylactics weren't available."

The above proclamations support my stance on the availability of condoms in school -- I feel that they should be liberally distributed. Those opposed to this say that it would increase sexual activity among teenagers, but based on personal observations and conversations with friends, I believe that that is not the case. Moreover, research shows that "sexual activity did not increase among teens who were already sexually active, nor among youth who'd never had intercourse." The study illustrates that allocating condoms in high school did exactly what people have hoped; that is, encourage those who were already engaging in sexual acts to use condoms.

Roughly 50% of high school students in the U.S. have admitted to being sexually active. Only 3/5 state that they used condoms during their last experience. Given the high risk of AIDS, as well as other STD's, not to mention the threat of early pregnancy, that number is much too low. That means that 40% of America's sexually active youth is not using condoms and is subsequently putting themselves at risk for the aforementioned problems.

One in four women get an abortion before the age of 20. That may not seem significant but just think about 3 of your closest female friends for a moment, 4 if you happen to be male. You wouldn't like one of them to have to deal with the physical...