Decision in Paradise

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Decisions in Paradise

Part III

Communication of the vision and the guidance of strategic planning are key factors for any company. The success of strategic planning often depends on individuals working together on all levels. This technique is also known to motivate those involved to assure that the plan succeeds. Designing acceptable measures of performance to desired mapping processes are also essential to the success of strategic planning. Leadership success is often based on shared vision and stories of minor wins in areas of adversity (Finch, 2013). Inspiration, as opposed to control and demand allows teammates to feel free to express concerns, challenge premises, voice opinions, and suggest alternatives. In the following scenario, a college graduate with dreams of a perfect future by the name of Nik landed a job for Trump Investments, an investment company created by Donald Trump. The objective of this company is to assist potential investors in building new profit making ventures in their own lands.

The company has a knack for seeking out land that others may see as unattractive and turning it into property worth billions. The first assignment was to travel to the island of Kava in the South Pacific to work on a new project. Nik imagines the island of Kava to be an island paradise with white beaches, palm trees and tropical breezes filling the air. Reality set in when the plane landed in Kava (Finch, 2013). Nik soon learned of his true purpose in Kava from the new director. Nik learned that Kava is a rural island with great possibilities. One of the biggest attractions to Kava was its potentially lucrative natural resources. Alex, the director of strategy immediately enlightens Nik to the goals of the assignment. The job of strategist for the investment firm was to come...