Define and compare between the following interpretations of globalization (about 600 words). 1. Optimistic. 2. Pessimistic. 3. Traditionalist. 4. Transformationlist.

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Introduction:-There are no specific definition or explain about the globalization because almost every thing in our life can be consider as globalization, in general we can said, it is a small village that integrate language, religion, education and create new economic and culture zones within and across nations, and it doesn't only concern the material and technological sphere and social structures also it reaches deep into value systems, beliefs and other element of identity. But there are three theories for interpretations globalization; they are globalists, traditionalist and transformationlist which will be defined and compared deeply.

Main body:-Globalist see the globalization as a real and tangible shift with social process operating on a global level, the impact of globalization can be felt everywhere in the world which contain the electronic trade, speed and communication and the interpenetration of national markets and nations create a homogenization of economy and culture, we eat Indian food, watch CNN channel and wear western clothes.

Increasing global integration are making national boundaries less important, like for examples are the Hong Kong, northern Italy and the area around Barcelona in northern Spain extends over into France.

(1) Lucas (2000, p.7-8).

State sovereignty and autonomy absolutely reduced because of the emergence of new global structure role determine how countries, organizations and people operate.

The positive globalists (optimists) of course are happy with its benefits and the changing result are welcomed because it is important way to improve the quality of life, raise living standards and bring people together which will help to share nations cultures, interconnectedness across national boundaries allows us to reinterpret and refresh traditional local cultures and ways of life, which will eliminate negative aspects of national difference and encourage the scope for local difference and diversity.

They all agree about the bad side of globalization...