What is the definition of a crime?

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Today many people have different views on abortion, homosexuality, and drug addiction also known as crimes without victims. Some people may feel that they are not morally correct, but that solely pertains to that particular person's values. I feel that many people just relate these crimes without victims with the life styles society views them to be correlated with.

What is the definition of a crime?Crime is an action or an instance of negligence that is deemed injurious to the public welfare or morals or to the interests of the state and that is legally prohibited. Although like society, crime changes back in the 1800's it was a crime to believe in any other religion besides Christianity, today that is not considered a crime. So really, what decides whether something is right or wrong, is it society or the government. In the constitution one of the ten amendments is freedom of speech.

So why are people fired from jobs and demoted for saying something they believe, this happens every day. An action is only considered a crime if it is harmful to the public or is legally prohibited, but that is not entirely factual.

Is abortion an option or not?A young girl ushers into a room, she calls her mother. "Hi mom" the girl says. "Can I spend the night at my friends?" The mother ask when and who, and says yes, little does the mother know her daughter is at a party with alcohol. It is the first time this girl has ever consumed alcohol and she drank a little too much, not knowing her limits. Well, the boys at the party were all older and knew that the girl had a little too much to drink. Boys being boys, they took advantage of her, the girl didn't really...