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Abstract of:

Tropical Deforestation

Gerald Urquhart, Walter Chomentowski, David Skole, and Chris Barber


8 pp.

It is my opinion deforestation is a global problem that needs to be addressed with as much attention as Iraq. This article is very informative on a majority of aspects about deforestation. It talks about the rates and the affects of deforestation all over the world. I believe this is a key way to get the readers attention and take notice in their cause. Another great tactic the article employs is the affect deforestation will have on finding potential cures for diseases and illnesses, through various species that only live in forested areas. The article goes on to talk about the reason why many poverty stricken countries use deforestation to survive. I especially like when at the end of the article there is a part about what NASA is doing to give people a much clearer view on what is going on and how it will affect us all.

To prevent deforestation in some third world countries we are going to have to contribute a lot of time and money in these countries to prevent reduced living conditions. These conditions are indirectly responsible for deforestation. We will have to provide another way to survive other than clearing the forest for farming. Another way I believe we can prevent deforestation is to creatively implement sustainability between the forest and the people. Maybe we can implement laws against clearing whole areas or put guidelines on how many trees may be cleared from a certain area so the forest may grow back. What ever the case it is certain at least to me that something needs to be done. Our forests are more vital to our survival than we know. The article talks about...