Stopping Tropical Rainforest Deforestation

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Topic Outline: Stopping Tropical Rainforest Deforestation

Thesis: Preserving the tropical rainforest ecosystem, especially through public education, will help improve the environment worldwide and yield improvements in science.

I. Description of the tropical rainforest

A. Zoologist's point of view

B. Anthropologist's point of view

C. Botanist's point of view

II. Products from the rainforest

A. New foods

B. Medicines

1. Alkaloids

2. Birth control

3. Cancer treatment

C. New fuel

D. Insecticides

III. Types of Deforestation

A. Agricultural use (farming and ranching)

1. Slash and Burn

2. Perennial shade agriculture

B. Commercial logging

1. Selective logging

2. Clear cut logging

C. Reasons behind deforestation

1. Self-subsistence

2. Government income

IV. Effects on local and world environments

A. Erosion

B. Global Warming

C. Irreversible loss of species

V. Programs to curb deforestation

A. Forest reserves

B. Agricultural management

C. Forest restoration

D. Public education

Conclusion - Deforestation in the tropics is a growing threat to the environment,

and the world must come together to find a solution for the benefit of all.

Rainforests cover a mere seven percent of the globe and holds more than half the plant and animal species. They are an astounding, complex ecosystem that faces eminent threats from deforestation. These ecosystems are found in the Amazon Basin, Central America, Southeast Asia, and Equatorial Asia. Tropical rainforests grow at low altitudes along the Earth's equator and along some mountainsides. There are many complex factors affecting deforestation, and even more complex factors to consider for stopping it. Not only is the Earth losing irreplaceable forests, but are also losing plants, animals, and human cultures that can provide improved knowledge in many fields of study like botany, zoology, and more importantly the medical field. Society must compare what can be achieved by cutting down trees for wood to what can be...