Department of Mindanao and Sulu

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In December 13, 1913 when Frank W. Carpenter was appointed as a civilian governor of the moro province. The subsequent reorganization of the province into the department of Mindanao and sulu remarklably develop of the American policy to the muslims. As this development occurs, many americans felt that muslims has preparing for the integrations of the americans to the people of sulu. Americans convinced to the muslims people that if American people would turned over the policies it would be essential for the maintenance of peace and order just for a long time. But many Christian Filipino would disagree in this policy because this would effect into an existence of the moro-province they had agitated for more Filipino involvement in the government of mindanoa and sulu.

President Woodrow Wilson and Governor General Francis Harrsison desire to have a democratic party to accelerate towards self government and independence for the Philippines vitually to put control of the insular government into the hands of the Filipinos.

A policy of "filipinization" was vigorously pursued. Frank Carpenter appointed Harrison as Governor of the Department of Mindanao and Sulu was assigned the task of implementing this filipinization policy.

Under Carpenter's firm, Filipino official (mostly Christian) assumed increasingly greater responsibilities in the government of moorland. The region was divided into seven provinces, the governments of which were designed for easy transformation into replicas of visayas and Luzon chiefly by eventual substitution of elective for appointive public officials. The unification of the administrative structure of Mindanao and Sulu with those of the Philippine nation was rapidly advanced extending to Moroland the jurisdiction of the bureaus and agencies of the insular government. Thus, the direction of education public works, public healt and agricultural development was transferred from Zamboanga to Manila.

The progressive...