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There are many teenagers out there who are now suffering from teen depression which is caused by and abundance of stressful activities. Parents expect you to make decisions about your future. Pressure to do well in school, excel at athletics or put a lot of time into studying comes from your parents, your teachers and your peers. Teens are expected to do a lot in the little time that they have. Some stresses in which I am experiencing right now is the thought of getting into a good college, filling out all the proper information to go to college, to do well in school now, and on top of that maintain a job. Sometimes I feel extremely run down and tired after a day of very stressful activities, I sometimes feel almost as if I am sick. Social pressures can be very serious. Teen stress can cause sleep disturbance, anger, inability to concentrate, nervousness, headaches, nausea, social withdrawal and depression.

The problem with teen depression is that teenagers tend to be worried, embarrassed, or afraid to ask anyone for help about their depression. Parents, teachers, and friends have to keep a close lookout to recognize the symptoms of a depressed teen. Some telltale signs of a depressed teen are thoughts of suicide or death, physical discomfort disruption of normal sleep pattern, difficulty thinking or concentrating, persistent sadness or unhappiness, loss of interest in previously enjoyable activities, and a sudden change in appetite. If any of these symptoms are recognized then something needs to be done to get that teen some professional help.

I believe that it is nobler to seek help for your problems and try to rid yourself of them instead of trying to make it easier by committing suicide. You wouldn't only be hurting yourself but the...